The Tradeable RSI Indicator

Some background and history

The RSI indicator is one of the most powerful technical indicators that there is and is one of the best indicators for finding turning points in the market and “Long Candles” (strong moves in intended direction). No surprise that it is very popular in most Forex and Binary traders who need to find new trends.

PLEASE NOTE: The Tradeable RSI does not have a Divergence trading option. A special Divergence EA has been developed for this. Click here for details:- DIVERGENCETRADER EA 

The RSI features in the following of our Expert4x Forex trading techniques as it is one of the most versatile indicators and comes very close to be a leading indicator:


There are many ways one can use the RSI. There are in fact 11 major tradeable signals and readings given by the RSI and it can be used quite scientifically. But the most simple and powerful ones are the ones identifying turning points in the Forex market. As shown below, using only one of the entry strategies, when the indicator is above the overbought 80 line or below the oversold 20 line there is a good chance a reversal.

The RSI used the capture turning points in the market (Entry on the next candle open after the signal)

If you battle to find the start of trends this indicator is for you

How to get the Best Value from the Automated RSI Indicator COURSE

This automated MT4 RSI indicator comes with a "How to get the best value from your Automated MT4 Indicator" 8 Video course which covers key success activities. Please click on the video pictures or the headings of the videos to view them

Video 1: Understanding the RSI Indicator

To get the best out of the automated RSI Indicator you need to know it's Strengths and Weaknesses, What it is used for and  Which signals are the most powerful. This video gives an overview of the indicator

Open Access

Video 2: Understanding the Automated RSI Indicator settings

This video shows how settings have been created to provide the Forex Trader with many options to create strategies which best suit the traders needs. The functionality of most setting are explained.

Open Access

Video 3: Creating RSI Trading strategies

Using the knowledge of the RSI functionality and the Automated Indicator settings the trader is now in a position to create trading strategies. A number of strategies are reviewed and ideas give for others.

Owner access only

Video 4: Creating Broker Test data

In order to do high-level testing of strategies identified it is always good to use your own Broker data for the account you will be using for live trading. This video shows you how.

Open Access

Video 5: Testing the Automated RSI functionality

In order to make sure that the Automated RSI is doing what you want it to do you need to test the functionality of the settings

Owner access only

Video 6: High-level profitability Testing

In this video we do high level testing for some of the strategies identified to get a guide as to the profitability of the strategy and how robust the results are.

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Video 7: Refining High-level Testing results

The Automated RSI Indicator has many filters and setting alternatives which could improve trading results tremendously. In this phase these refinements are reviewed.

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Video 8: Assessing Test results and the trading decision

Once you have completed your high level testing you will be in a position to plan the way forward which could be going directly into live trading or more testing

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Trading options added to the basic MT4 RSI Indicator

Over and above the normal options open to the trader such as

*  Period,

*  Overbought and oversold regions,

*  Timeframe,

*  Currency


*** The following automation has been added:-

Set and forget, automated Forex trading

  • 2 Entry strategies when the price either enters the overbought / over sold regions or exits them.
  • 6 Exit strategies based on the reverse of the any of the 2 entry options, a target, a stop loss, a following stop or a break even stop.
  • Time of day strategy options
  • Day of the week strategy options
  • Reverse the direction of entries
  • With the trend risk management options where no against the trend trades will be opened.
  • Fixed or % of account position sizing
  • The number of open trades option

By adding the above functions we have turned a basic MT4 indicator into a highly  Trade-able, Automated, Set and Forget RSI Indicator

Detailed setting available

Below are the detailed settings available for the Automated RSI Indicator. These settings are discussed in Video 2 of the "Getting the best from your Automated Indicator Course" and in detail in the AI user's manual.

What makes a ROBUST Automated Indicator?

Many Automated trading strategies  rely on very specific setting to succeed. When only a small number of settings will give you positive results the Automated Trading Strategy is not robust and is very risky. Your chances of success are a lot smaller than your chances of failure.

When an indicator can be profitable with a big range of settings it is much more robust and your chances of success are so much higher than your chances of failure.

When following the 8 steps in the "Getting the best out of your Automated Indicator"course your chances of finding very robust setting for the Automated Indicator.

What kind of results can I expect?

The table below shows the results that have recently been optimized for this EA. There are 40 downloadable profitable set files that can be easily downloaded from the analysis below which is available on the EAFactory website

The RSI Automated Indicator is a trading tool

With this trading tool you can find:

  • Identify strategies to use
  • Find best strategy to trade
  • Find the best time frame to use
  • Find best currency to trade
  • The best filter to use
  • and after you have done that you can trade those strategies on a set and forget, automated basis.

What is included in your Automated RSI Indicator purchase:

  1. Access to the password protected, 8 video,  "How to get the best out of your Automated RSI Indicator" course
  2. The Magic Momentum Forex course
  3. 2 licences to use the Automated RSI Indicator. It can be used on any 2 computers you wish at any one time. The Automated Indicator is in the form of an Expert Advisor.
  4. Assess to the password protected support Forum where you can raise any questions, get access to other owner strategies or discuss RSI topics you wish.
  5. Access to support from EAFactory for technical support and Expert4x for trading and strategy related support.
  6. FREE upgrades and improvements
  7. Initial Currencies tested for you and set files supplied

Current Leaders in the 2019 Tradeable RSI EA Forex trading Competition. Click on the chart for more information.

More On Expert Advisor Settings

Using the best Settings is important when trading Expert Advisors

There are no magical settings that will work all the time for every currency, timeframe and broker account. However to help you find the best settings were provide 2 main sources of information regarding settings for Forex and Index Trading:

  1. We have over 30 optimised Forex settings (setting what worked best in a recent 12 month period) covering the 10 main trading currencies and 3 timeframes and a further 18 optimised Index settings covering main indices and 3 timeframes which you can access and download for all our set and forget EAs. These FREE settings are downloadable from the EAFactory website from the product information page on their website after your purchase. These setting are updated every 2 to 3 months
  2. We also have a PAID EA monitoring service that trades over 500 Forex robots to find robust settings that current are working for our 14 Set and Forget EAs.

By using providing these services we also ensure that our EAs are always up to date and current. To keep our EAs current we also run regular trading competitions where our clients trade ALL our trading EAs. To see the most recent results use this link:- COMP19


  • q-iconDo you have certified trading results on a live trading account showing that this EA is profitable?

    The Automated RSI Indicator is a trading tool. It is a bit like you are asking MT4 to provide trading records for the free RSI that they supply in the your MT4 platform before you will use it. It is really up to you to make the best of this Forex trading tool.

    Having said that the training and forum activities will no doubt come up with great and historically profitable strategies which you can use as guides for your own trading.

    We will help and assist you to find the strategies that suit your personal style of trading best – be it short term scalping or longer term swing trading – by helping you through the “Getting the best for your AI” course.

  • q-iconDo you have any profitable pre-sets I can use to get started so i don't have to do the course?

    The Success of any trading strategy depends on many variables. Which Broker you use, whether you like scalping or swing trading, which are your favourite currencies, which timeframe you use, which entry and exit approaches you prefer, which filters you like, which period settings you like using for the RSI, whether you are conservative or aggressive in your trading approach, which time of the day you like trading, which day of the week you like avoiding, and many more.

    We can not possibly supply pre-sets which will cater for all of these many variables. That is why we provide a short course for you to create you own person pre-sets. Please remember this is a trading tool that can be used in many ways.

    There is a good chance that good trading setting will be posted on the forum by users of the Automated Indicator. Also watch the videos supplied.