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We recently started a project to trade $1000 to $1 Million dollars. The MakeMoney EA was identified as the Forex Robot that was had the very best chance of succeeding at this ambitious task as it used a multiplier technique.

After some creative experiments a brand new EA was created which uses a unique trading approach to enter deals. This Robot not only produced better results in a trending market but it was also much simpler to use. THE MOVING AVERAGE MULTIPLIER WAS BORN.

This Forex Robot uses the angle of a single Moving average to enter deals. An optional 2nd Moving Average is used to filter deals. View the video to your right for more details. The multiplier enters deals on every candle when entry conditions are met. IT IS THAT SIMPLE.

Deals are closed using stops, targets, trailing stops, a pruner and account level stops and targets. Deals are filtered using time of day and day of the week filters. THAT IS HOW RISK IS MANAGED

For more details about strategies watch this video

Interesting - but how much money can I make?

Please bear in mind that this is a brand-new Forex Robot. It came out of a short Beta Test period in the 2nd week of May 2020.  We even made minor changes to the Robot after the Beta Testing.  So, there are no 2-year-old live accounts that we can show you. There are not even demo monitoring accounts we can show you. Thus, the best we can do is compare this EA to our other best EAs as well as compare to results generated by other EAs using back-test information.

The information and analysis available to us shows that the Moving Average Multiplier has the potential to produce way higher returns than any of our other EA based on back-tested results.

Even on its own, the sheer potential returns shows that returns well above average can be expected.

Beta Testing of the Moving Average Multiplier

In the first week of May we released a Beta Version for clients to evaluate. The idea was to assess the profitability and functionality of this amazing Forex trading Robot. The period was too short the do a profitability assessment so the main input was based on functionality and back testing results.

As result of the Beta Tester feedback an account stop and target and more pruning options were added. In spite of higher profitability the 5 minute timeframe was identified as inconsistent and opening too many trades. This time frame is only recommended for experienced traders and no set files are provided. The 4 hour timeframe also gave inconsistent results when compared with various brokers due to different candle times and it was also dropped. The 1 hour time frame is the main trading timeframe for this EA with the 15 minute timeframe being a higher risk option. Optimisation files are provided for these 2 timeframes

Below is the most comprehensive test results provided by one of the testers which confirmed the following points.

  1. The default settings are only effective when used with the currency intended
  2. The Moving Average Multiplier produced better optimised results than the MakeMoney EA
  3. The 15 minute time frame is more profitable that the 1 hour timeframe. It does however carry more risk.

(The above tests were done using 0.1 lot sizing and a $10 000 account for every currency)

MAM Trading Robot Optimisation results

Below are extracts from the optimisation service we provide to Moving Average Multiplier owners. This service is updated every 6 to 8 weeks and as you can see, set files are provided for MT4 and MT5 versions of the Moving Average Multiplier. There are 20 set files available for Forex and 12 for indices.

As part of the set files there is a template used for the optimisations by the MT4 Strategy Tester. This template allows you to do your own optimisation and also to calibrate your EA to your own broker account. See the videos provided below.

The optimizations below are done using 100:1 leverage, GMT, $10 000 account and 0.1 position-sizing. They cover a period on 12 months ended 30 April 2020. Over time more up to date optimizations are available on the EAFactory website. They are done for the 15min and 1 hour time frames.

Please remember that optimizations answer the question:- "How much could I have made trading a specific currency and time-frame, if I used perfect settings for the period tested?" There is no guarantee that these settings will work as well in the future as they did in the past.

Forex extract

Learn how to download

set files

Index extract

Learn how to calibrate setfiles to your broker account

Input Settings 

Please pay attention to your position sizing and don't use more than 0.01 lots per currency per $1000 in your account. The default settings are not recommended settings and will NOT work for all currencies, all timeframes and all market conditions.

World Class Support

Our first Moving Average Multiplier support webinar

New to Forex robot trading ?

If you are new to Forex trading and Forex Robot trading then please make use of these FREE resources.

The best beginner course in the Forex industry:  FOREX UNIVERSITY

A 6 module downloadable PDF course covering how to find ENTRIES, TURNING POINTS, EXITS, TIMES TO TRADE, MANAGE MONEY and WHERE TO PLACE STOPS  : Simple-N-Easy Forex Series 

These will give you the very best start to trading the Forex market

For information about trading Forex robots please watch the videos below.

Tips on getting the best out of the Moving Average Multiplier

  1. Do not trade on a live account until you have experienced positive results on a demo account over a 2 to 4-week period (Don’t be in a hurry).
  2. Use position sizing of 0.01 for every currency for every $1 000 in your demo account.
  3. Test as many currencies and timeframes as your computer resources allow.
  4. Know the function of each setting as described in the user manual.
  5. Study this marketing page and watch all the videos provided.
  6. Learn how to download testing set files (Video on this page).
  7. Learn how to calibrate and optimise the EA for your broker account (Video on this page)
  8. Make sure you know the basics of Forex trading by doing the free courses on this page
  9. Do not trade on a live account until you have experienced positive results on a demo account over a 2 to 4-week period (Don’t be in a hurry).

Limited Capital ?

Learn how you can trade with limited funds using 1c accounts. These accounts treat cents as dollars. $100 become a $10 000 account. This allows you to trade all Forex robots with relatively small amounts capital.

How to purchase the Moving Average Multiplier trading Robot 

The Moving Average Multiplier is a licenced Robot. There are no further charges and upgrades are free. When you purchase the Moving Average Multiplier you can use it as often as you like, on as many charts and accounts and platforms as you like - AS LONG AS IT IS NOT USED ON MORE THAN 2 COMPUTERS AT THE SAME TIME. The EA monitors this automatically.

Except for Crypto Purchases delivery is electronic and immediate. You will receive an email which is sent to the email account you use on your PayPal account from EAFactory. Follow the instruction in this email to download it without delay. The Robot is easy to install.

There are 2 versions of the Moving Average Multiplier available. A MT4 and a MT5 version.

Please remember to test this Robot on demo accounts for a few weeks, and only once you are perfectly happy with the positive results you are experiencing, should you use it on live accounts. 

Launch price discount timer

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Before your purchase, please read our RISK DISCLAIMER and SALE CONDITIONS at the bottom of this page

First time Expert4x Clients can purchase the EA at the full Price value of $300.


Existing clients can purchase the EA at 50% of the above price ($150) by logging into the EAFactory Website and using the PayPal button on that website. Please do not use the above PayPal button as you will forfeit your discount.

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Clients using Crypto receive a 50% off the price they are entitled to using PayPal. This discount does not apply to the special bundles that are already heavily discounted

Final crypto amounts payable in Crypto:-  New Client: $150,    Existing client $75,    18 EA Bundle $600,    YouTube subscriber $150 .

The 50% crypto payment offer can not be added to any other discount offers.

Please Note That due to hedging and FIFO restrictions the Moving Average Multiplier EA may not suitable for US Traders (most US traders use offshore accounts).European and other traders using low leverage will have to increase their account sizing accordingly.

If you have any Questions please use the "Contact Us" in the main menu above