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The DivergenceTrader EA

LOOK INTO THE FUTURE: Find the most powerful trading technical analysis trading signals in any time-frame and any currency

Dr Alexander Elder in his book Trading for a Living said the Type A Divergences are the strongest technical analysis signals to trade. They do not occur often but when they do you MUST take advantage of them.
We have created a DivergenceTrader EA which will not only find divergences for you every second on the day for EVERY currency and for EVERY time-frame you nominate, but TRADE THEM AUTOMATICALLY. The EA allows you to specify the quality of the divergence you want to find.
Video 1: More about divergences
Video 2: Tips on how to use the DivergenceTraderEA to trade divergences

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The DivergenceFinder EA Input screen

Historic Test Results

For more details of the above results and the settings used click here> TEST DETAILS

What is included in your DivergenceTrader EA purchase:

  1. 2 licences to use the DivergenceTrader EA. It can be used on any 2 computers you wish at any one time.
  2. Assess to the support Forum where you can raise any questions, get access to other owner strategies or discuss RSI topics you wish.
  3. Access to support from EAFactory for technical support and Expert4x for trading and strategy related support.
  4. FREE upgrades and improvements
  5. Initial Currencies tested for you and settings supplied
  6. DivergenceTrader EA owners will automatically receive 50% discount on the full price of the DivergenceFinder and Trade-able RSI EA. The discount button will be made available after you purchase.

More On Expert Advisor Settings

Using the best Settings is important when trading Expert Advisors


There are no magical settings that will work all the time for every currency, timeframe and broker account. However to help you find the best settings were provide 2 main sources of information regarding settings for Forex and Index Trading:

  1. We have over 30 optimised Forex settings (setting what worked best in a recent 12 month period) covering the 10 main trading currencies and 3 timeframes and a further 18 optimised Index settings covering main indices and 3 timeframes which you can access and download for all our set and forget EAs. These FREE settings are downloadable from the EAFactory website from the product information page on their website after your purchase. These setting are updated every 2 to 3 months
  2. We also have a PAID EA monitoring service that trades over 500 Forex robots to find robust settings that current are working for our 14 Set and Forget EAs.

By using providing these services we also ensure that our EAs are always up to date and current. To keep our EAs current we also run regular trading competitions where our clients trade ALL our trading EAs. To see the most recent results use this link:- COMP19


Current Leaders in the 2019 RSI  Divergence Trader EA Forex trading Competition. Click on the chart for more information.


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  • q-iconI see you have a 1. Trade-able RSI indicator, a 2. DivergenceFinder EA finder and a 3. Divergence Trader EA. What are the differences?

    The Tradeable RSI EA essentially trades any return by the RSI from a overbought or oversold condition when the RSI crosses a RSI level specified by the trader. So any returns are traded which may or may not include divergences. Trading is automated and you can have more than 1 trade active per currency.

    The DivergenceTrader EA (this page)only trades specified Divergences what cross the 50 line. Only one trade is open at any one time.

    The DivergenceFinder will find divergences anywhere in the market for any currency or timeframe and notify the trader on a displayed table. It does not trade automatically.

    Use the one that best suits your needs best.