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Highlevel RSI profiability Testing

Below is a video and notes that will assist you to see the step required to get to know your EA

High-level test results.


1. Basic settings test

Strategy 1 was run and resulted in a gain of 779 pips over the last 3 months using the basic settings. During the high level testing done the following test results were generated:-

2. Stop loss and Take Target settings

Settings for the Stop Loss were tested for 70, 80, 90, 100, 110,120,130 pips Settings for the Take Profit were tested for 90, 100, 110,120,130,140,150 pips at the same time. the 49 tests resulted in 48 positive results and only 1 small negative result. This shows that the Automated RSI Indicator TP and SL are very robust and are positive over a larger range of settings.

3. RSI Period tests

The following periods were tested 3,5,6,7.(4 is part of the basic test)- All were positive

4. RSI Overbought and oversold levels tested.

The following overbought and oversold levels were tested. 90/10 , 85/15, 75/25, 70/30 All these setting were also found to be positive.

General conclusion

The general conclusion is that with the extremely low negative results generated that the Automated Indicator would was positive for a very wide range of settings and there for is very robust.

Next step.

A number of filters will be tested to see if the results can be improved. Please watch the next video.