The Trendline, Magic EA

An essential tool in every traders arsenal


Developing THE Forex trading skill of using horizontal and non horizon support and resistance is a common skill every successful trader can be identified by. In a market where volatility has dropped significantly of the last few years lagging indicators have become very unpopular.

Price action, support and resistance techniques give you an opportunity of catching almost 100% of a trend with small stops. No wonder the trading trends and strategies have moved to no indicator trading.

The Trendline Magic EA is an essential tool to make this possible.

What can the Trendline Magic EA do ?

The Trendline Magic EA allows you to automate and pre-program Trendline breakout or bounce trades. Further it allows you to add open deal strategies to your transactions to make them truly set and forget. You can use stops, targets, break-even stops, following stops and position size as you wish.

Why Should I use the Trendline Magic EA ?

  1. You don't need to watch the screen for ages to catch trendline breaks and bounces
  2. It takes the emotion out of these stressful trades
  3. It makes your trendline trades more accurate
  4. You can pre-program and automate the entire transaction using stops, targets, following stops, break-even stops. Something not possible with pending orders.
  5. You can trade in your sleep, while you are working and doing other things.
  6. You can trade as many trend-lines for the same currency as you like.
  7. You can limit the number of entries so that various trend-lines to not create unwanted trades.
  8. You can determine your entry method - on a touch or on a close after the crossover
  9. You can pre-program transaction management strategies.
  10. Make trading channels and trendline breakouts and bounces easy.

Examples of Trendline Magic EA automated trades 

Channel bounce trades





Breakout Trades





The Main EA Input Options 

These input item are covered in detail in the user guide and training material. As you can see the EA allows breakout and bounce trades to be traded using stops and targets, break-even stops and trailing stop here you specify the position sizing.


On a technical basis the Trendline, Magic EA is supported by EAFactory. All upgrades are free.

From a trading perspective the EA is supported by Expert4x. This is mainly on an email basis but where warranted Skype and TeamViewer support will be provided - so if you need help on the trading side we will dial into your computer and give you one on one assistance with trendline trading issues.

For an example of training material please click here:-  Using the Trendline Magic EA

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The EA can be used as often as you want on as many broker trading accounts you want as long as you do not use it on more than 2 computers.

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BEAR THIS IN MIND: The Forex market changes from day to day, and that past performance can therefore not be guaranteed to repeat into the future. Past performance shown on this page and in videos may use aggressive trading approaches and risk management to prove the potential of the Forex robot over long periods.  Because of this we recommend that you test the EA on your own broker account using many variations of currencies, time frames and settings to make sure you experience favourable results in current market conditions before trading live accounts. 0.01 lots per $1000 in your account is recommended every time this EA is used.