An Expert Advisor that Automatically /Dynamically adjusts ENTRIES, STOPS and TARGETS according to

1) the market's current vibration rate and

2) whether the market is trending or trading sideways.

Because this EA makes decisions on the run and changes settings according to market conditions, optimisation is less challenging. So we have designed it so that optimisation skills are not essential.


Back Ground


Forex Prices Vibrate

Scientist will tell you that everything has a vibration rate or causes vibrations.  This is particularly true of the Forex market where the price does not move in a straight line. The price meanders between highs and lows where ever it goes. Every candle has a high and low.

The Price movement actually almost represents a big fat snakes movements rather than the arrow concept some traders have in mind.

Channel traders and retracement traders will tell you that the almost constant, distance between the highs and the lows is the vibration rate of the currency. So every currency and timeframe has its own vibration rate. Patient, confident, Forex traders tune into these good vibrations all the time. Some, without even knowing it.

This is not a new discovery and has been known by traders for decades. Expert4x published a manual trading Good Vibrations course and indicator a few years back.

Taking advantage of the Forex markets Good Vibrations

So what has changed ? Automation has happened which will now allows these powerful vibration concepts to be traded, and dynamically updated, automatically on a set and forget basis. This  is now available in the format of a Good Vibrations MT4 Expert Advisor.

The Good Vibrations EA identifies each currencies and timeframe vibration rate and then uses this dynamic and up to date knowledge to trade at points where upward the vibration move is most likely to change into the next downward vibration move, .....  and it does this with a high degree of accuracy.

The beauty of this approach it that its reliability results in a good success rate AND low drawdowns making this a must have Expert Advisor in any serious traders EA collection.

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The Big Fat snake view of price movement

Major highs and lows give us the vibration rate of a currency in trending and sideways markets

SEE the Good Vibrations Trader In Action

See the logic used by the Good Vibrations Trader EA as it buys low and sell high using the dynamic, ever changing market volatility to change the sizes of stops and targets and entry points.


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But.... the proof of the pudding is in the eating 

All sounds good but does the concept work ?

The EA works on the principle that once the price has moved by a certain distance (the average vibration rate provides the guides for this distance) it will get tired and change trend direction. Established Forex trading techniques such as Channel trading, Envelope trading, Momentum and some support and resistance techniques use this approach all the time.

Also how would you evaluate the result?

Experience has taught us that the highest profit is not always the best measure. What one need to look at is a balance between:-

  1. Initial investment required
  2. Profit produced over the period
  3. Draw-down experienced

Note that success rate does not play a role in this evaluation. That is because trading systems can be profitable with both high and very low success rates. It depends on the average income per trade.

Trading against the Trend when the trend get tired.

The results below were obtained using the against the trend approach.

Below are highly optimised results to show what the EA is potentially capable of. Please note that it is very unlikely that these results are likely to perfectly repeat. Past success is not a guarantee of future success.

Please Note: The above results are highly optimised results over the last 6 months using The GBPJPY on 4 hr charts. They are presented to show the potential of the EA and the trading concept. It is highly unlikely that the same results can be achieved easily into the future.  

View the current results:

Monitoring accounts where started at the time of the launch:-

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The 9 settings provided (view the current equity total)

Settings supplied

Overall results of 108 currencies (12 currencies x 9 settings)

Overall results

PLEASE NOTE: The results are used by owners to determine which settings, currencies and timeframes to trade using 12 currencies and 9 provided settings as guides. Poor currencies, settings and timeframes are dropped by owners to improve results.

The EA Input and some discussion on how the EA works

Refer to the owners users manual for more details about these settings

Works in Sideways / Trending  and High / Low Volatility Markets

Because the EA Dynamically recalculated the UP and DOWN vibration rates independently all the time your entry point, size of your stop and size of your target is also dynamically adjusted. You are always trading inline with the most recent market volatility (high or low) and market phase (sideways or trending)

Trending Markets

High Volatility Sideways Markets

Low Volatility Sideways Markets

IMPORTANT TECHNICAL POINT: Traders should understand that this method is mainly an against the short term trend retracement trading method. So you would end up selling at the projected exhaustion point when there is an active upward vibration and buying at the projected exhaustion point when there is an active downward vibration (see the examples above).

So the average of the upward vibrations determine the selling points and the average of the downward vibrations determine the buying points. The EA has a setting to reverse this logic if you want to. Please watch the video on this page to see this in action

EA Optimisation ?

Because this EA basically makes decisions on the run and changes settings according to market conditions, optimisation becomes less challenging. So we have designed it so that no optimisation is required at all.

We simply supply you with 9 kick off settings that could apply to MOST currencies, MOST timeframes and MOST broker accounts.  All you need to do is quickly test 3 of these settings (we show you how) for a few minutes and you are on your way.

If you are an Optimisation expert you can always still do your own optimisation too.

The Forex Holy Grail ?


The closest you can come to the Forex Holy Grail is to find a system that consistently generates Buys that are lower the Sells and Sells that are higher than Buys and trade that system all day long.

If you look at the examples above you see that is exactly what happens with this system. It has been designed to buy low and sell high.

Please use the contact us facility in the above menu if you have any questions or comments.

What do you get with the Good Vibrations EA:-

  1. The Good Vibrations EA that can be used as many times as you want on any 2 computers you wish to use. It has a self install program.
  2. Free upgrades
  3. Full technical and trading email support
  4. Additional licences are available
  5. 9 predetermied settings you can use on most Currencies, timeframes and Broker accounts.
  6. Access to the Good Vibrations trader EA forum to discuss and ask questions about the EA

50% discount

Existing clients with an EAFactory account can get a 50% discount by using the PayPal buttons in the EAFactory website.



Please Note:-  when purchasing your will receive a link to a welcoming webpage in your download email and in the product details on EAFactory. It is important that you access this page for information on how to get the best from the EA.

  • q-iconCan I use the default settings of this EA?

    Most brokers have over 20 trade-able currency crosses that can be traded in up to 5 timeframes. That means there could be 100 possible different vibration profiles. It is very difficult to provide general settings for such a big variety of possibilities.

    We do however supply 9 preset settings which can be used to test for the most profitable results for selected currency, timeframe and broker account.

  • q-iconCan this EA be trade able in the USA?

    Leverage is not a problem as it does not open too many deals at once.

    It can however result in Buy and sell transactions at the same time. It would be best to make sure your broker deals with hedging.