Better than ALL the Rest

We refer to the RSI Trendline Violation technique as "Simply the Best" Forex trading technique.

Over the years this technique has consistently identified great turning points and trends in the market with a very high success rate. 

The Simply the BEST Forex entry technique

The Long Candle Forex Trading technique was published by Barry Thornton in 2012. It remains one of the best Forex trading courses. In this course, a very simple but powerful Entry trading technique is taught.  The problem is that Traders often look at these techniques and think  “that interesting” and then never actually trade it. Especially if it is simple. This techniques is so good that we call it “Simply the BEST Forex entry technique”

Below in a summary of the Simply the BEST entry technique.

  • Load an RSI indicator with a period of 4 and overbought and oversold levels of 80 and 20.
  • For sell entry signals wait for the indicator to go overbought.
  • Then make sure it was oversold recently after being overbought.
  • Trade the trend-line violation as a sell signal.
  • Do the opposite for a buy

Sounds too simple to produce good Forex trading entries – doesn’t it?

Below in a summary of the Simply the BEST entry technique.


  1. Load an RSI indicator with a period of 4 and overbought and oversold levels of 80 and 20.
  2. For sell entry signals wait for the indicator to go overbought.
  3. Then make sure it was oversold recently before going overbought.
  4. Trade the trend-line violation as a sell signal.
  5. Do the opposite for a buy

Sounds too simple to produce good Forex trading entries – doesn’t it?

The "Simply the Best" (RSI Trendline Violation) Forex technique in action

This technique works for many reasons. The fact that the RSI has to go from overbought to oversold makes sure the market is trading sideways and is volatile at the same time. Stops required by this technique are generally quite small compared to the potential gains. Just these 2 facts give this technique a head start over most Forex trading methods.

ZERO Failure rate

Barry Thornton has consistently made over 1 million US Dollars employing traders to trade this and other systems based in this concept. This system can be traded on all timeframes and all currencies and will always be profitable in the long run. It is basically a sideways or slowly trend-line system which will not give signals when a strong trend develops.

EVERYBODY who has done at least 30 manual trades using this system has had positive results because it is so simple. We have not had a single failure.

There area few refinements to the entries not shown in the above explanation but the above is most of the technique.

So we created 2 RSI Trendline EAs

1. The RSI Trendline TRADER EA

The first EA will trade RSI trendline violations for your on an automated set and forget basis continuously. You select the Currency, the Timeframe and RSI setting you want to use and the EA will do the rest.

Post Launch feedback on the RSI Trendline Finder:  "I purchased your Trendline Finder and you may be interested in that what i have to say . I got the value of the EA finder by 20 times in already. I am so happy your Trendline finder gives me high volume of trades  + high Quality of signals . The best feature is that I can switch charts by a click which makes it so fast just what you need in trading on a short timeframe . Combined with my own charts on top of it I feel I have the perfect system. And as a side note :  I have taken  hundreds of trades by today" - Simon from Switzerland 

2.   The RSI Trendline FINDER EA

The FINDER EA will search over 9 timeframes and 24 currency cross to find RSI trendline violations and then will notify you of them by email, notifications or other alerts. This is ideal if you want to trade manually but don't want to watch the trading screens all day long.

Please note you need MT4 version 1065 and above to use this EA 

Initial RSI Trendline TRADER Results

As expected the initial results show that the RSI Trendline Trader EA has great potential. Testing is from the beginning of this year on the GBPUSD has resulted in almost an 80% success rate 350% return on capital.

Training and support

The RSI Trendline Trader EA comes with the following training videos and information:

  • Overview of the RSI trendline trading technique
  • Overview of the input section of the EA
  • A User manual is included
  • Tips on optimization
  • 4 set files to get you started
  • A user Forum

The RSI Trendline violation Finder EA comes with the following

  • A Udemy course on how to create email, notification and other alerts
  • Overview of the input section of the EA
  • A User manual is included
  • A user Forum

All our EAs come with ongoing technical support and free upgrades provided by EAFactory.

RSI Trendline Trader Pre-launch Testing

Over 40 testers tested these EAs prior to their launch. The test mainly revolved around testing the ease of use and supporting information provided. The test period was too short to generate live testing results but set files provided were tested. Tester input will make your experience of the EA much better as many small improvements were suggested.

The results on the left show an example of the results one of the very experienced testers achieved over a 5 month period by suggesting two small change to one of our test settings. Please bear in mind that these results are exceptional and the chances of achieving or bettering them in the future are as remote as winning the Lotto. It does however show the extreme potential this EA is capable of when traded at very high risk (not recommended).

More Tester feedback:-


JS from Auckland: "I have tested both the Trader and the Finder. I like trading support and resistance levels. So I like the Finder EA as it finds really good entries and I can then refine each trade I take with stops and targets based on current support and resistance. I don’t believe one stop or target level can be correct for all RSI Trendline Trades".

JJ from the US:  "I really don’t have time to watch the charts all day long. Because I am very good at optimisation I prefer the automated trading of the RSI Trendline trader. It takes the emotion out of trading - I have seen enough to make the RSI Trendline EA work"

One-on-one service to get the best out of your Expert Advisor

In General, (not only for this EA), the sort term and long term success of EA trading is based on the EA user’s ability to understand the workings of the EA and the trader’s ability to back test the EA to produce the best results relative to the risk involved and the account size to be used. This skill is developed by testing 100’s of trading Expert Advisors. If you do not have optimisation skills, skills to analyse what an EA is all about, skills to manage and reduce risk we suggest the you consider using the service below.

We will dial into your computer and over a period of 90 minutes and teach you how to optimise and analyse the EA. This will hopefully develop the skill to find the very best settings for the best returns and lowest risk on an ongoing basis for the EA. You will be able to apply this knowledge and experience to other EAs

This one-on-one service is further supported with 2 courses on the optimisation of Expert Advisors.

To use this additional service please select it in the payment options below

More On Expert Advisor Settings

Using the best Settings is important when trading Expert Advisors


There are no magical settings that will work all the time for every currency, timeframe and broker account. However to help you find the best settings were provide 2 main sources of information regarding settings for Forex and Index Trading:

  1. We have over 30 optimised Forex settings (setting what worked best in a recent 12 month period) covering the 10 main trading currencies and 3 timeframes and a further 18 optimised Index settings covering main indices and 3 timeframes which you can access and download for all our set and forget EAs. These FREE settings are downloadable from the EAFactory website from the product information page on their website after your purchase. These setting are updated every 2 to 3 months
  2. We also have a PAID EA monitoring service that trades over 500 Forex robots to find robust settings that current are working for our 14 Set and Forget EAs.

By using providing these services we also ensure that our EAs are always up to date and current. To keep our EAs current we also run regular trading competitions where our clients trade ALL our trading EAs. To see the most recent results use this link:- COMP19


Current Leaders in the 2019 RSI Trendline Trader EA Forex trading Competition. Click on the chart for more information.

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Purchase alternatives


50% discount

When purchasing from the EAFactory website please logout and then log back in so that your purchases can be registered in your download area for activation.

As normal if you are an existing Expert4x EA or indicator client you can purchase these EAs directly from the EA Factory website at 50% discount http://my.eafactory.com/expert4x . The one-on-one service is not subject to the 50% discount and is not offered on the EAFactory website.

All EAs come with 2 licences, so that you can use the EAs on up to 2 computers. If you need more licences they can be purchased from EAFactory

1.  The RSI Trendline Trader EA  $180.


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2.  The RSI Trendline Finder EA $ 100



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3.   Both The RSI Trendline Trader and Finder EAs together can be purchased for $ 230.


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4  The One on One service described above can be arranged for an additional cost over and above the cost of purchasing the above EAs. Please contact us to arrange for this service after your payment.    $300.00 USD


If you have any questions please use the Contact Us facility in the main menu above. Your questions will then be published here.

  • q-iconFor the RSI Trendline Trader, do you supply Set files (preset settings) or usable default settings ?

    We do supply set files for demo trading purposes and educational purposes.Due to the short comings of set files we do not recommend you use the default setting and set files until fully calibrated and optimised for your unique circumstances (click here> Dangers of set files ). There should be some debate in the forum on set files and trading results.

    Over time we expect a large number of set files to be discussed and made available in the Forum. It is up to you to ask other traders for their input.

    There are no default settings that will apply to all currencies and timeframes for the RSI Trendline TRADER.

  • q-iconI see one of the Tester achieve incredible results. Will those setting be available to owners of the EA?

    It is up to the tester to post those settings in the Forum. All you need to do is ask the tester and I am sure that the setting will be shared.

  • q-iconIt sounds like I need to optimise the settings supplied before I use the EA.

    Yes, that is normal for any EA trader to do. ALL EAs have to calibrated and optimised to meet the traders personal circumstances.

    It is a well known fact that when 2 traders using the same settings, one can make a huge profit and the other a huge loss or even a margin call. That is because factors such as

    1. Broker account type,
    2. Minimum broker lot sizing policies,
    3. Whether the broker uses commission or spreads
    4. Account size,
    5. Timezone,
    6. Daylight savings adjustments,
    7. Spreads,
    8. Margin requirements,
    9. Trading times,
    10. Candle cutoff times,
    11. Exact time the EA was activated,
    12. When the results are measured
    13. Internet reliability
    14. Broker communication reliability


    These are some of the factors that go a very long way to explain the big difference between results experienced by different EA traders.

  • q-iconDo you supply training and assistance for me to optimize the EA to my personal circumstances?

    Yes we supply you with a basic optimisation course. We also offer a 90 minute paid session to help in this area. Like a car dealership that will sell you a car there is an assumption that you have a drivers licence and driving experience. By purchasing the EA we are assuming that you know how to “drive, manage and maintain” it. So we are assuming you know how to optimise and manage EAs.

    If you need input in this area create a discussion in the Forum